Welcome to Hi, I Need To Apologise……

My name Mia and I created Hi, I Need To Apologise….. for the simple reason, I felt my soul and conscience needed some cleansing.

A little about me.
I am in my early 30’s, just moved back home from over ten years of travelling. I am starting a brand new career path and am studying my butt off to achieve my new career goal. With a lot of significant changes happening in my life, I’m feeling happy and driven. However, I feel like, for this change to be complete, I still need to (excuse my french) grow the fuck up and move on from my past.

A recent events have led me to acknowledge that I have an issue with binge drinking. This particular event also made me realise that this was not the first time I have fucked up and ruined a perfectly good evening out with friends. Nor was it the first time I stumbled around a city making a dam fool of myself. The regret and anxiety that followed me the next days started to become somewhat overwhelming. I realised at that moment that I have a lot that I want to apologise for, actually about ten years worth of apologies.

This blog intends to be my safe place to reflect, share my story, acknowledge my fuck-ups and apologise for them. This blog is my online journal (I hear they help with healing) to move on from my past. By diving into ‘The Vault’, the locked away memories deep within my brain, I hope to move on from all of the regret, embarrassment and stupid choices I once made. These apologies are my version of soul cleansing.
I have no doubt I hurt, embarrassed and downright disgusted a few people along the way; I want to apologise to you. Random people who had the unfortunate timing of encountering me in ‘one of my states’ I also want to apologise to you.

I am not a writer, so bear with me as I navigate the writing process. Each story shared will be a real encounter of events; names have changed for confidentiality reasons.

I am writing this anonymously though, the intention to one day, when I am brave enough, come clean on my identity.

I hope you, the reader, enjoy coming along on my journey to self-forgiveness and find my story interesting, funny and hopefully not too self-sabotaging.

If you are looking for a way to clear your conscience and are feeling brave enough to share your story. Please feel free to email me, I would love to hear your stories. Sometimes is nice to know others make mistakes too and we are all only human.